Just give me something, something I can use.

• As it turns out, there's a good bit of dust hiding beneath the places I hired my 16 year old son to clean.

• Dusty packing in a home otherwise assumed to be clean creates a miserable situation in one's sinuses.

• Miserable situations in one's sinuses create achy heads and sorry ears.

• Aches in heads and sorries in ears eventually subside only to reemerge in one's lungs.

• Coughing and aches and lung misery hinders the unpacking process, for which I had lofty goals this long weekend but, instead, moved myself at the pace of a snail 2 out of 3 days.

• Additionally, 3 large loads of dirty laundry in the midst of moving further hinders.

• Unless, of course, one's mother offers to take all of it to her house, therein saving your...day.

• As I agree to accept this incredible blessing, it humbly occurrs to me that, in doing so, the curtain of my private shame is drawn to reveal just how Not That Good Of A Person I truly am to my mother, Laundry Maven.

• Laundry Maven now knows, without a doubt, how no white sock from my household has maintained its' integrity, each permanently stained with dingy brownness.

• The worst part? I never even cared until now.

• Obviously, my momma taught me better.

• Add Rebellious Domestic to the ongoing NTGOAP list.


  1. I have a never ending battle with laundry. For 10 years I lived around the block from my dad and stepmom..and my overwhelmed house and ways gave my stepmom a nervous tic, I'm sure. She used to offer often to take my laundry home and do it. At first I would refuse, embarrassed...but after a while I decided to let go of my pride and appreciate the blessing and help. It's a big struggle, my laundry, my house, my kids, my standard and I...{sigh}
    Nice to meet you! I'm visiting from the Homeschool Hop :)


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