Eclipsed by glory.

Joy leaps inside me when an oversized man child demonstrates dances in my kitchen. Or when I hear him laughing with his bro over it. Or when they both insist that my beautiful daughter be trained in the ways of a jedi, ambling upstairs to continue the movie marathon.

Joy leaps within as I watch my Lovin' Man carefully peruse his ever expanding wardrobe for just the right outfit. Even more so, I delight at his system of Recyclables or his sock donning methods.

Joy is mine as I realize the remainder of a night is mine to prowl and play as I like, alone with my book or blog or thoughts. Joy is in the rare freedom of no obligation.

A bit of joy abides in my pride as I read a text from my Big Son far away. His grammar is perfect and sense of humor intact.

Joy is the blessing of my new laundry room. A room dedicated to laundry with a cabinet for storing things and a rod for drying things and my little hooks where I hang things. Just so. And, joy of joys, a pantry!

Joy fills my heart as I walk through a room only to realize my high maintenance boy youtubes inspiration in Chris Tomlin covers and David Crowder Band vids. Even more so, my heart sings when he, freshly inspired, plays his own worship behind his closed door.

Joyfully amazing is my beautiful girl in her fuzzy slippers popping in to reveal the events of her day or a current revelation. And then, joyfully, she stops for a bit of a coze.

Shadows lift and hope revives.


  1. Excellent post! Men are that they might have joy--words I live by!


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