I don't wanna be right.

Do you rinse grapes thoroughly but don't bother plucking them before storing or serving because it's more fun to feast like lounging, medieval kings straight from the vine? I'm afraid you're probably not that good of a person.

Do you refuse to turn laundry seam side in before folding because if someone wanted it that way they would've taken more care before the hamper toss? Yeah, you're probably not that good of a person.

Has a smallish trash receptacle been placed in your fireplace but you're not sure why? You're definitely not that good of a person.

Did you enjoy a glass of sauvignon blanc for every load of seam side out laundry folded last night? Really not that good.

Does a lurking old lady cat who dares to jump onto your kitchen counter and lap up leftover butter make you spitting mad? Mhmm.

Is your idea of interesting decor an Usborne Book of the World on the mantle, a Scholastic map (or two) across from your bed (so you can always check) along with coasters boasting images of Henry VIII wives that a friend brought you from London? I'm not sure what type of person you are.

Do you think a rug from Dollar General is too awesome to live without? You could be a better person.

Does your taste in men run more on the too tall, scruffy bearded, unassuming type? You're probably not that good of a person.

(What kind of person does one have to be to thrill at coasters of three Catherines, two Annes and a Jane?)

If incessant stat checking is wrong, then I'm not that good of a person either.