I'd make wine from your tears.

She said, I'm grown now, carry several great but promising responsibilites and I refuse to accept any less than I would've ten years before.

He said, I never loved anyone else.

She said, Let's test that.

He said, Let's.

In a big house with wallpaper and a picnic table, he strikes up a game of uno with a confused and angry little boy while a toddling baby climbs onto his shoulders. She tries her best to be frugal, organic and meatless.

They catch the flu and he learns to share because some boys are more high maintenance than others.

He wrenches the last of his blues from a red Gibson Gospel and it's a very long winter.

But, on weekends, they listen to the Stones and grasp hot mugs of milky tea.

She minds the pieces of an eternal puzzle but watches him closely. Thank you for loving him, his mother says.

And she can hardly see how she has a choice. Heart sickness turns to aching and aching to longing and longing to yearning but the yearning is satisfied only with aching. So that's how sweet it is.

When he is away, even for an hour, she is annoyed by the loss of him.

He returns bearing gifts. Chocolate chip cookies or dice or tiny paintings. He extends himself in new and selfless ways but is frustrated without validation. She watches and welcomes and waits, knowing he is several steps behind but on his way nevertheless.

He is tall and graceful. She admires his grace and learns to follow, wavering only when he hesitates.

They ask for trouble and count the costs, day by day by hour by hour by minute by minute until their fingers ache from pointing.

But, at night, he climbs into flannel sheets next to her and dreams in a tiny room until his dreams expand into the next room and the next, melting one into the other. When he awakes, his finds himself resilient and malleable enough to give way to his dream.

Under the sky, radiant with color, she watches in amazement as he offers Up his gifts to make room for himself.


  1. That was just amazingly lovely. lovely. sigh.

    It's Teresa B by the way.


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