Pull a string and I'll wink at you.

Sometimes, puppet makers say that all writers are mean, even blog writers. But, especially when they're writing their blogs.

Sometimes, they remark how puppet makers watch documentaries on ventriloquists as recommended by bloggers while making their puppets. But, they're still nice and live up to nicknames like Mr. Sunshine.

Sometimes, bloggers and puppet makers alike stay up too late and poke fun at weird puppet people in documentaries who hold wedding ceremonies by swimming pools for puppets and then feel better about themselves because they would never. But, they continuously sew puppets and write blogs about it all the while.

Sometimes, as puppeteers walk away, they insist on taking their glue gun in case others take the notion to use it for their nefarious purposes, they say, to make blog writers laugh. But, I'm not sure they used that word correctly.

Sometimes, bloggers research puppet workshops for their puppet makers whilst documentaries play unbeknownst to puppeteers and they are really nice after all. Only, not as sunshiny.