Give me 'til then to give up this fight.

It's drab and rainy this day as I feel around in the dark for my hoodie because I already put the wintry clothes on the wintry rack of my closest. Finding an umbrella is hopeless because, apparently, they are for grown ups, not groan ups.

There is a red ballon rolling around the floorboard of my car and I'm uncertain where it came from but certain I don't need it.

My brain is foggy having kept my body up too late with this thought or that and I pretend through the day's tasks, smiling and feeling my way around in the dark for any morsel of joy because I already put it on the sunny rack in the back of my mind where it waits for me to catch up.

Mostly, the presence of the sun warms and thrills but, sometimes, it glares and exposes what prefers darkness. Even a Not That Good Of A Person prefers flaws exposed to the sun's healing rays to hiding in darkness where things are not as they seem.

And I wonder how the sun feels, always bright and responsible, and does he ever check his motives for purity and fall short.

Then again, he never stops shining. Only perceptions change. He is made to do what he does and, sooner or later, Imma get back in it.