Like breathing in and breathing out.

Who takes an ordinary week night and creates feast enough for the children of Israel with manna to spare?

Who says yes when she'd really rather say no but rises to every occasion?


Who continues to be the Boss of You from another residence, vacation (hers or yours) or even a hospital bed?

Who willingly takes to the shadows so we can shine?


Who generously offers a plentitude of hair style and fashion tips without regard to generational preferences?

Who listens patiently for hours while you talk yourself into the answer she already knows?


Who buys matching lavender underwear for a lavender dress, hose and shoes to make the Valentine's banquet lavender special?

Who gives till she's bone dry, then rallies, and gives the rest?


Who determinedly continues to stock her cabinet with bags of chocolate chips as the generations raid and pillage?

Who champions your cause, right or not, because you're hers?


Who has faultless and flawless grandchildren in spite of their parents' transgressions?

Who has a heart that expands vertically and diagonally?


Whose is the only earthly soul that has always known meaning in yours? I'm rising up for she is blessed.

Just the thought of parting souls with Mom wrenches mine.


  1. Thank you for writing the post, I should have written!
    Is it bad if I just send the link to your mother's day message to my mom instead of pouring my heart out in a card?

  2. Not at all. Knock yourself out!


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