Breathed Your fragrance on me.

Although anxious to get acquainted, Lovin' Man was unsure. When you cried out from the fresh, cool air and strange, new ways, he feared the worst. A nurse fussed and fixed while he waited nearby for his chance. During a lull in the bustle, I smile. A nod of encouragement. I really would make it. We're always doing this. It's just birthing babies.

"Can I touch her?" Of course. "She's yours." I laugh. That's the cutest thing ever until this next thing.

He is wide eyed, stretching one gentle finger towards your baby toe and, just as quickly, pulls away. Because he's not familiar with the rules and you might break. Still, you are officially welcomed and now he knows what those songs mean. He wrote for you.

Later, you will fuss and fuss at us but he won't remember. All he knows is sweet, soft cheeks. A dimpled hand reaching out. Round, wet eyes drinking in the sight of each other.

"Where my daddy is?" Your first sentence was early and I hear it's refrain daily because, once you've made his acquaintance, nothing else will do.

Don't I know it.