Keep on turning out and burning out.

Sometimes, reality abruptly plucks you from your groove then chases away inspiration.

You hope it's only for a season but fear creeps into the tracks in your wake.

Sometimes, contentment and relief are the culprits, derailing trains of thought as well as enthusiasm.

You wonder if one whose misery is their muse is not that good of a person after all.

Sometimes, weird sneaks up on you but junk is only junky.

You can't have junk for content's sake.

Sometimes, you've simply exhausted every allowable subject.

You wonder if there's still time to bow out gracefully.

Sometimes, a crossroad is reached.

You drum your fingers and wait.

Sometimes, there's just nothing else for it.


  1. So much of what you write resonates with me, inspires me to love myself and aspire for more. Just thought you might enjoy knowing it is appreciated. :)

  2. Thank you so much, Jennifer! That's high praise coming from a thinker like you.

  3. Oh how this post reminds me of why I chose to blog in the first place. For me! Not for stats. I wanted to share my thoughts with others and some how it turned into more and more content to build more and more stats. If I only blog for me, it shouldn't matter if I blog daily, bi-daily, weekly or monthly. I should blog when I feel inspired, not when I worry that my content is old. What a great reminder. Glad I was next door to you over at the Hip Hop.


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