• Apparently, we are the only ones around here with dogs that insist upon barking even after bedtime.

• Apparently, dogs who diligently alert folks to late night cat fights do not suit our neighbors.

• Apparently, they have never known truly villainous dogs who steal cakes from carports and chicken from grills, as we have.

• Apparently, they've never met a dog who would enter through a cat door uninvited and unannounced and help himself to a meal and a couch nap.

• Apparently, this is not that good of a dog.

• Apparently, in barking, the dogs have broken a law.

• Apparently, those who have law abiding dogs afford little clemency to those who don't.

• Apparently, in THIS neighborhood, such crimes require a police presence.

• Apparently, midnight is not too late for a friendly neighborhood police officer to ring the doorbell and inform zealous dogs that this behavior will not be tolerated.

• Apparently, around HERE, late night cat disputes are expected to settle themselves and barking dogs are not required to alert the neighbors of said disputes.