NTGOAP but it's only June.

• The den above the garage is a wreck and clearly, there is only one capable of making it not so.

• I have been banned from organizing and cleaning the den above the garage because it's "not my lookout".

• I will bide my time on that situation but a can of Pledge may not.

• Simply driving through the park of a Thursday evening reduces me to Not That Good when I should instead feel inspired.

• I soothe my park inspired anxiety by tsk tsking at the state of things. Trash and what not.

• Until I remember the den above the garage.

• Now I'm fresh out of procrastinating excuses.

• Each week, I leave something undone from the last.

• Some task lists get moved ahead 3 or 4 times before they are accomplished.

• I just remembered something needs done so there goes my park outing.

• But, that was last week.