NTGOAP: Shameless

• I suppose it's too troublesome to pop in on one's blog with a comment or two.

• Must be or else the folks would at least opt for the anonymous option down there.

• Then leave a little notey and sign off at the end.

• With their name or something.

• Or even one might repost or retweet a blog or two if one was into that sort of thing.

• But, really, that's too, too much.

• I could never be notthatgoodofaperson enough to make such requests.

• It would be shameless and not that good at all.

• It's sad, really, the way some folks need this meaningless silliness of virtual validation.

• I have to say; I do pity that type.

 • DON'T YOU? .


  1. Please forgive. I am behind in reading. But, I love to read and identify. much love.


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