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What left a mark no longer stains.

Hopeless Despair, you cannot have him. Not your kind but the promise of something else altogether abides in him. He is not alone but set apart for Mercy.

He wakes and the battle rages. Love struggling to eclipse Fear.
He walks and the battle rages.
Persistent enticements are not strong enough to engulf him.
He falls and the battle rages. He finds himself buried in darkness but still he breathes.
He sleeps and the battle rages. Restless longing triggers a spark and a stir.

He wakes and the night is over.

Bright eyed, he throws off the fear as light creeps in, exposing his temptress as a filthy pile of ash. With a deep breath, the remnants of pain are scattered as far as the east is to the west.

He will have ears to hear. His name is being called.

Hopeless Despair, you cannot have me.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Sometimes, you just gotta stick it out with your own folk because, even if you don't like 'em all, you trust their ways.

Sometimes, it's only after an absence that you realize how much you missed their weirdie ways because at least you understand the Whys and Hows.

Sometimes, they don't even recognize just how weirdie their ways are because they have been hunkered down for so long, diligently plodding along. They've formed a fringe movement in spite of themselves which makes you love 'em all the more.

Even those you thought were buttoned up and boxed in have taken on a rogue quality you can admire.

Sometimes, safety is in familiarity but mostly, familiarity breeds safety.

Sometimes, folks have differing views on keeping safe.

Sometimes, only when you've stretched yourself as far as you can reach can you understand fully which folk keep you safe and which continue to be a mystery.

Even in the reflection of this truth, with a deep sigh, clarity smiles conte…

Signed, sealed, delivered.

A mother is a mother is a mother.

It's no matter to your mother if you're 8 and don't want to be told. "Um, did you even brush your hair?" Because all mothers of daughters secretly relate to those Toddler and Tiara moms. Even if they're slightly wild eyed from misguided, vicarious living, they're driven by the same need as me to proclaim just how fantastically amazingly lovely her girl is.

It's no matter to your mother if you're 20 and don't want to be reminded to add eggs to your tuna salad. You do what you wanna do but she didn't raise you like that.

I don't want you driving after dark, she'll say, even though you're 30some and a mother yourself, never thinking to take foolish risks because she's taught you so well the rewards of watching grands grow.

Plus, these people need you.

Who else will keep 'em straight when rats would nest in their hair if you didn't insist they brush it properly? Or who would keep a …

NTGOAP: Lost count

• There are 3 boxes in my bedroom still waiting to be unpacked.

• Since I moved here in March, I'm starting to think this will never happen.

• I might find the Monopoly game people are missing if I go for it.

• Then again, that may be reason enough to let them be.

• Monopoly only seems like fun.

• Until time stands stills in an uncomfortable chair and everyone's bad sportsmanship is exposed.

• The game is pretty much over when the snacks are gone.

• Even that's no fun as people's neuroses are also exposed and some go all OCD over getting the game cards foody.

• Make that 4 boxes.

• But, honestly, how could I possibly undertake such a task when I am currently trying desperately to wean myself from saccharin?

• I've got an emotional connection with my tea.

• Darn documentaries.

• Clearly, unpacking 5 boxes is too much to expect at a time like this.

• And, I can't take that kind of chance.

• I'll just pay my fees and move along.

• I'm not that good of a m…

Things we said today.

"Wanna see my Elvis impersonation?"

"Mom, you're bad at being bad."

"I don't like Thomas Edison. He's a conniving sneak."

"I prefer talking to real women."

"Did you expect me to have a GOOD joke?"

"Sometimes, I just sit in my room and look for things to clean, even if it's just obsessively skewing a guitar to one side."

"You're not even wise until you're like thirty-something."

"If mom smoked, she would call them 'ciggies'."

"Can you do the twister?"

"That just means you are not getting married someday!"

"Are you writing a blog? Mom! Don't put things in your blog behind my back!"

Own the night like the fourth of July.

You're meant to finish all your math and language before you watch Frenemies but I still find it charming when you talk about Cleopatra and her sister, "Olympica".

You're meant to sweep the area around the kitty box when you clean it half heartedly but I'm still impressed with your determination to skip a grade.

You're meant to be gainfully employed but I love when you still wanna hang out with your siblings.

You're easy for me to cherish because, even when I don't wanna, you don the crown. I transform into Stage Mom at the mercy of your irresistible charms. The difficulty lies in tough launching you into manhood or finding the balance between letting you Be and watching you become.

You're meant to leave the laundry room as you found it with clean shirts to boot but we're still walking across department stores with combat boots and Ts depicting bespectacled cats to smile and say, "hey, does this look like him or what?"

You're m…

It's not easy being green.

Following a victory or two in my kitchen, I tend to err on the side of experimental and go a little rogue, convinced that, finally, They recognize that healthy equates with delicious and fresh with goodness. I can't say that these culinary adventures are appreciated by certain factions of my family who are swines before my pearls.

"I don't like your salads. They're grassy."

That would be fresh herbs.

"Lentils make me gag. Like, they set off my gag reflex."

That goes for potatoes, rice and pasta.

"Everyone just thinks I enjoy vegetables because I hurry through them first so I can enjoy the rest of my meal."

And, there goes my last high maintenance hope.

I long to be one of those clean eating people and have my offspring and extended family alike stand hand in hand with me saying yes to all that nature has to offer as we abandon the modern world's vices for good old fashioned walking, cycling and swimming to the succulent fruits and organi…

Why can't you see what you're doing to me?

Sometimes, my dear bestie does the history nerd dream tour of Salem, Plymouth, Independence Hall and the like.

Sometimes, I must live vicariously through Lovin' Man's Elvis Week extravaganza.

(And the Eric Carle Museum and Emily Dickenson's house...)

Sometimes, of an evening, I hear the familiar refrain, "I wish you coulda seen that/been there/heard this."

(..and Marblehead lighthouses...)

And, sometimes, I hear it twice as nice a night.

(...Ben and Jerry's and Boston, Mass...)

Sometimes, as I'm cuddled up with my Sasquatch lovin' man watching the latest Facebook Find Bigfoot video, I find myself feeling more than dubious.

(...and Poe's place...)

Sometimes, I feel downright pitiable when exciting things like famous people interviews and backstage passes are happening all around poor little toothachey me.

(...the Betsy Ross house and the Mayflower.)

Sometimes, I pout about it.

(And, next up: Washington, D.C.'s art museums. Sigh.)


NTGOAP: Can't change the past

• I developed a cavity.

• But, I swear, it was from eating seaweed salad which, in my view, is the most sophisticated way.

• Well, that and failing to floss later.

• Which, as it turns out, is not at all sophisticated.

• Currently, I find myself relegated to the diet of a baby.

• Or some other toothless being.

• Except, even a baby gets to enjoy ice cream every now and then.

• But, no, not me.

• The Tooth Fixers claim the filling is dangerously close to a nerve but I am wary.

• Because, honestly, the tooth fixer looked much like a baby himself.

• Except, he had lovely teeth.

• He most certainly flosses like a good person.

• Not like me, who can't be bothered and must pay later while others enjoy crusty breads and refreshing iced beverages.

• I feel so sad for the babies.

• And, of course, me.

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Like the moon and the stars and the sun.

"You're not supposed to beam at me like a baby when I show you my new shirt. It's supposed to have some appeal for you."

But, I really just can't help it because I see You. And remember how we were then? Babies walking around in big people clothes, thinking ourselves clever and cute. And you bought me that Romantics cassette and it was. Those railroad tracks, graffiti on the taboo bridge and the ducks in our park. That breaking-down car you pushed more than drove. Red Lobster was for the seafood lovers in us but I'll just have popcorn shrimp drowning in cocktail sauce, please, because I only just graduated from a Wendy's chicken sandwich. After endless hours spent fussing over video rentals, now look at us.

Two peas snug in a pod.

I'm beaming and you're bending. We're both stretching but don't feel the burn because we do what we wanna do.

Sometimes, I'm mean but mostly I'm making. Making treats. Making beds. Making trips. Making …

Love lifted me

Dear Chic Fil A Powers That Be,

Your chicken is so juicylicious, you've got every one in the country all discombobulated.

The radicals are so up in arms over it today, they plan to lay them down in exchange for crispy, tender chicken smothered in some of that zingy honey mustard sauce. They'll probably add fries, too, because who can resist their waffly goodness? Sure, sure. Some of the more health conscious will order the lower cal options, but, let's be real, that grilled chicken just can't compare to a southern fried delight. They're probably having a brownie too 'cause - what the heck?- it's for a good cause. Ain't it good to keep your sense of integrity safely intact as you sip a refreshing lemonade?

Chic Fil A, these Bible toters are loyal to more than just your chicken so take extra care as you serve them.

But, I digress.

Since, you never actually SAID that the gays and lesbians couldn't EAT the chicken, they plan on popping in this week…