Like the moon and the stars and the sun.

"You're not supposed to beam at me like a baby when I show you my new shirt. It's supposed to have some appeal for you."

But, I really just can't help it because I see You. And remember how we were then? Babies walking around in big people clothes, thinking ourselves clever and cute. And you bought me that Romantics cassette and it was. Those railroad tracks, graffiti on the taboo bridge and the ducks in our park. That breaking-down car you pushed more than drove. Red Lobster was for the seafood lovers in us but I'll just have popcorn shrimp drowning in cocktail sauce, please, because I only just graduated from a Wendy's chicken sandwich. After endless hours spent fussing over video rentals, now look at us.

Two peas snug in a pod.

I'm beaming and you're bending. We're both stretching but don't feel the burn because we do what we wanna do.

Sometimes, I'm mean but mostly I'm making. Making treats. Making beds. Making trips. Making nests. Making up. Making ways. Making Us.

There's no holding back because there's no need when lights in my eyes come to chase shadows away.

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