Love lifted me

Dear Chic Fil A Powers That Be,

Your chicken is so juicylicious, you've got every one in the country all discombobulated.

The radicals are so up in arms over it today, they plan to lay them down in exchange for crispy, tender chicken smothered in some of that zingy honey mustard sauce. They'll probably add fries, too, because who can resist their waffly goodness? Sure, sure. Some of the more health conscious will order the lower cal options, but, let's be real, that grilled chicken just can't compare to a southern fried delight. They're probably having a brownie too 'cause - what the heck?- it's for a good cause. Ain't it good to keep your sense of integrity safely intact as you sip a refreshing lemonade?

Chic Fil A, these Bible toters are loyal to more than just your chicken so take extra care as you serve them.

But, I digress.

Since, you never actually SAID that the gays and lesbians couldn't EAT the chicken, they plan on popping in this week also. While they're Kissing In and flag waving, they're bound to get hungry. Frankly, the more sensitive and creative should appreciate the genius in your marketing. Those glossy signs strategically placed inside and out advertising creamy milkshakes and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies are nothing less than an art form and as fabulous as can be. I can't help but imagine GLBTs falling off the wagon left and right, one red & white paper bag closer to gettin' hitched.

If they do show, then you get your chance, Chic Fil A, to show them exactly who and Whose you are, so be true and take extra care as you serve them.

Speaking of gettin', I'm gettin' hungry. I guess, Chic Fil A, you've done your job to the best of your ability after all.

Mission accomplished.

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