NTGOAP: Can't change the past

• I developed a cavity.

• But, I swear, it was from eating seaweed salad which, in my view, is the most sophisticated way.

• Well, that and failing to floss later.

• Which, as it turns out, is not at all sophisticated.

• Currently, I find myself relegated to the diet of a baby.

• Or some other toothless being.

• Except, even a baby gets to enjoy ice cream every now and then.

• But, no, not me.

• The Tooth Fixers claim the filling is dangerously close to a nerve but I am wary.

• Because, honestly, the tooth fixer looked much like a baby himself.

• Except, he had lovely teeth.

• He most certainly flosses like a good person.

• Not like me, who can't be bothered and must pay later while others enjoy crusty breads and refreshing iced beverages.

• I feel so sad for the babies.

• And, of course, me.

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