NTGOAP: Lost count

• There are 3 boxes in my bedroom still waiting to be unpacked.

• Since I moved here in March, I'm starting to think this will never happen.

• I might find the Monopoly game people are missing if I go for it.

• Then again, that may be reason enough to let them be.

• Monopoly only seems like fun.

• Until time stands stills in an uncomfortable chair and everyone's bad sportsmanship is exposed.

• The game is pretty much over when the snacks are gone.

• Even that's no fun as people's neuroses are also exposed and some go all OCD over getting the game cards foody.

• Make that 4 boxes.

• But, honestly, how could I possibly undertake such a task when I am currently trying desperately to wean myself from saccharin?

• I've got an emotional connection with my tea.

• Darn documentaries.

• Clearly, unpacking 5 boxes is too much to expect at a time like this.

• And, I can't take that kind of chance.

• I'll just pay my fees and move along.

• I'm not that good of a monopoly player but I know a loophole when I come upon it.