What left a mark no longer stains.

Hopeless Despair, you cannot have him. Not your kind but the promise of something else altogether abides in him. He is not alone but set apart for Mercy.

He wakes and the battle rages. Love struggling to eclipse Fear.
He walks and the battle rages.
Persistent enticements are not strong enough to engulf him.
He falls and the battle rages. He finds himself buried in darkness but still he breathes.
He sleeps and the battle rages. Restless longing triggers a spark and a stir.

He wakes and the night is over.

Bright eyed, he throws off the fear as light creeps in, exposing his temptress as a filthy pile of ash. With a deep breath, the remnants of pain are scattered as far as the east is to the west.

He will have ears to hear. His name is being called.

Hopeless Despair, you cannot have me.