You ain't seen nothing yet.

Sometimes, you just gotta stick it out with your own folk because, even if you don't like 'em all, you trust their ways.

Sometimes, it's only after an absence that you realize how much you missed their weirdie ways because at least you understand the Whys and Hows.

Sometimes, they don't even recognize just how weirdie their ways are because they have been hunkered down for so long, diligently plodding along. They've formed a fringe movement in spite of themselves which makes you love 'em all the more.

Even those you thought were buttoned up and boxed in have taken on a rogue quality you can admire.

Sometimes, safety is in familiarity but mostly, familiarity breeds safety.

Sometimes, folks have differing views on keeping safe.

Sometimes, only when you've stretched yourself as far as you can reach can you understand fully which folk keep you safe and which continue to be a mystery.

Even in the reflection of this truth, with a deep sigh, clarity smiles contentedly back at you.