NTGOAP: Soapboxy

• My family groans as I try to persuade them to join me in watching biopics on fascinating historical figures.

• They just don't know what they're missing.

• It occurs to me, however, it may be ever so slightly obnoxious to watch a show on the Renaissance just to see whether or not the filmmakers got it right.

• Mostly they do but I'm obnoxiously smug when they don't.

• But that's not near as obnoxious as a random web surfer leaving a trail in my blog stats that leads back to a pornographic website.

• One glimpse is more than enough to taint my subconscious.

• It's disturbing not because I'm a prude but a Woman.

• Free from the chauvinism of history where women had little say over their lives or bodies, I am puzzled over the willingness of those that reduce themselves to body.

• There's no freedom in exploitation.

• Just ask the women of the Renaissance.