Catch a grenade for ya.

Making the most of every opportunity, she insists they do the same. Whether joyful or begrudging. She exercises strength until it takes tenacity for granted. If what she sees isn't available to them, she makes it so.

You can't know
and neither can I
what it is that keeps her inspired.
It may be fear.
It may be love.
It may be pride.
It may be stubborn determination. It may be looking back at her.
It may be no choice at all.
May be all.

She tires. She fails. She resents. She regrets. She lies, cheats and steals herself away for the sake of them.

She stays true under duress.

Only when they erupt in her hands will she know it's time to watch, contentedly, as they explode into the atmosphere.

Judgment is simple save the complicated Judge. In 10 or 100 years, it will all be a blur and only intentions remain.

You can't know until you do.