NTGOAP: Occupied

• It may happen that you are cleaning windows in a new and exciting space into which your church family is moving.

• You may just be getting started, enjoying the shuffled tunes on your lovin' man's iPod which have finally found a room large enough to embody them.

• You may have a beautiful daughter with urgent needs although you JUST left a restaurant and you suspect the need has reached urgency only recently.

• It may be that the facility that needs utilizing has a door and it's locked.

• You may wonder to yourself what the point is of locking the door to such a facility in an otherwise empty building but you don't say it out loud.

• Because, saying so will not change the fact that you must now venture into the chilly rain with your beautifully yet poorly dressed daughter who refuses to take your advice about fall attire and has miles of bare limbs exposed to the elements as you run her to the car where your tidily folded umbrella waits for it's chance to be remembered.

• It may be that you justify use of the unlocked facilities at Starbuck's several doors down by purchasing an espresso and an iced tea.

• This unfortunate series of events may include an unfortunately weak batch of iced tea and an unfortunately stocked, albeit unlocked, facility.

• You may have a beautiful daughter who has been taught a set of neuroses by the best of them and refuses to utilize a poorly stocked, albeit unlocked, facility so you wait with her while the situation is remedied.

• And, there may be more anecdotes regarding doors, locked and un, but you may be sworn to secrecy by your beautiful, albeit humiliated, daughter.

• You may lightly fret in the meantime over your son who is currently trapped in a corn maze during a downpour.

• He may consistently ensure you that he's fine but you suspect there's a young lady involved who makes the weather more tolerable.

• This may seem the silliest thing you've heard all evening and you've recently pondered locked doors inside empty buildings.

• Upon returning to said empty building, it may occur to your lovin' man that perhaps there's a key, after all, to the necessary facility.

• Indeed, there is.

• It may be that, as you check to ensure this key is in working order, (you know, for next time, or to save others the trouble), you find yourself locked out altogether.

• It may be that you ponder the distracted mind of your otherwise lovin' man who fails to remember pertinent pieces of information while you await reentry in an otherwise empty building to resume dusting blinds and cleaning glass.

• The music sounds so good there.