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Daydreamin' for a thousand years.

Your twelve was big-eyed and long-necked. You were ten plus two more and that's only a baby.

Your twenty-two was wild-eyed and neck-twisting. You were technically a man and I always wondered.

Your thirty-two was dreamy-eyed and stiff-necked. You were hanging in and hanging on and I cherish that Frozen-In-Time.

Your forty-two is cowboy-eyed and strong-necked. A man among men and I never have to wonder.

Pushing, pulling, laughin', lovin'. I can't get enough of the Times Two of you.

Even your emotions have an echo.

If you need a reason, how 'bout this:

Your whole life is dappled with flaws and imperfections and all the ways you convince yourself that you're not that good of a person and believe the lies that you're not thin or pretty or sexy or sweet or cool enough for this boiling hot water you currently find yourself in but...

Your whole life is a testimony to unconditional love. Unfailing, uncompromising, unfaltering. Someone sees and knows your living sacrifice. Someone sees and knows it all.

And, if you need more of a reason, how about this:

Some One knows the whys and hows and whats of you. Some One does even when you doubt. Fearful and wonderful, you are. A beautiful daughter.

Every hair on your head is accounted for and someone sees the raw places of you from an angle you never can imagine.

If you need a reason, how 'bout this:

You are the only one in the world who will love him the way he needs to be loved.

You were made to love him.

He was signedsealeddelivered into…