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Got our head in the clouds.

Her instrument is dusty and out of tune but she plays so well, I barely notice. I don't know much about music, only what sounds good to me, and, in time, I loved her song.

She plays.

Never had I heard anything like it. Not clear but so bright. Not soft but proud. It's not so much loud as it is determined. Did I hear some last notes? Perhaps, she'll never get round to finishing.

She plays.

Songs have to end sometime.

She plays.

She forgets all but the chorus and is safely trapped in the repetitive loop of her own making.

She plays
but once we've heard it enough, we get uneasy.

It hurts our eyes, rings in our ears and we brush away what once held charm. Relentless, tiresome. Both feet on the ground.

She plays
but now to an audience of one.

I'm choking on smoke.

With respect, I light a single candle and walk away.

You float like a feather in a beautiful world.

I say I love you but do you know what it Means?

We are not word sayers or sloppy kissers. We are not shiny and prefer the space just outside of the spotlight. We keep the shadows to ourselves. We understand supporting roles and keep a quiet flame burning.

We contemplate and second guess. We are capable dreamers and the big world doesn't celebrate us but our little one does.

I am consumed with thoughts of you because it's your turn. Tough or soft? Tender or determined? With integrity, how can I walk the fine line to see you through?

Your instincts are good. You're never second best.

These are ways I love you.

In case you're counting.