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I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right.

Ever since I found you, I can not stop looking for more. Where have you been hiding and were you just afraid?

Ever since I found you, I learned to dream again. Dreamin' and lovin' are all I need now.

Ever since I found you, the wind is beneath my wings. Hope soars and passions rise.

Ever since I found you, I can not be bothered with fear. Tis what is and it's all mine, for better or worse.
Because you can't know until you do and I do.

Since I found you, I stay truer to me.

Ever since I found you, I cannot be shaken. I don't wanna stop now because we's blazing this here trail.

Looks like we made it.

Ten un-definitive and not - necessarily - in - order ways in which my beautiful daughter delights me upon her decennial:

1. She loves a treat. Chocolate, which she once pronounced as "dotch", was among her very first words.

2. She is altogether unimpressed with celebrities. She would, however, stand in line for a Snicket or a Cleary.

3. She makes extensive and illustrated birthday and Christmas gift lists, which include things like pipe cleaners and Calvin and Hobbes collectibles.

4. She has successfully tamed a cat. I've no idea how she accomplished this but his devotion to her is remarkable.

5. She does a fantastic Grumpy Cat impression. This skill is handier than you might imagine.

6. She's been known to spend the entirety of outdoor concerts searching for sites on Google Sky Map, running down the battery on my smart phone.

7. She bluntly explains to her teenage brothers' visitors why she believes they are nerdy. I'm not sure if this is a character flaw i…

Honey, you're my golden star.

Once there was a little house on a shady street. As from a clown car, the occupants spilled out in a current of aquas and blues.

The order varied but the eddy was steady with characters, bold and brave.

Some wore suspenders. Some wore silly hats. Others had propeller beanies and dreamed one day of flying. Some preferred the use of props while others had fine, shiny shoes.

If I had a nickel for all the times those clowns complained about the heat and the dust and the way the rain soiled their wigs, I'd have a pocketful.

It was the management who finally had enough so he packed up the face paint and polka dots into fire proof trunks because the show must go on. Only this time, he left a little space for improv because you never can tell with clowns.

It could be he provided too well and the performers were too full and too fat to make show until it occurred to each in his turn that he wanted to be the Star and that's not such a bad thing so they stretched further still until th…

Make it easy to be near you.

Sometimes, a flame burns all the way through me and lights itself just inside my head, refusing to go out.
Sometimes, worry licks around the fear on fire.

Sometimes, desperation occurs to me and the flames are far and wide.

Sometimes, I can find a way to drown them out.
Sometimes, I can sit up and escort myself out.
Sometimes, I smother them with prayer.
Sometimes, they're too wild to tame and I run into them like I'm on a suicide mission.

Thoughts of you and me dancing in the firelight both haunt and delight me. I flash red but you're white hot until I cannot touch you at all anymore.

Sometimes, my heart might burst into flames.

And there's nothing for that.

Sometimes, I just need a douse of reality.

There's a fire inside of you that can't help but shine through.

I wear an invisibility cloak but only in the dark. In the dark, I hang one toe just over the edge of the bed. If the monster doesn't take the bait, I'm dissatisfied until I see him emerging.

He's just so great and so vibrant. He's confident and tosses cares like Sand from Man's shovel. Misgivings are kicked aside. He knows no fear.

I stand back and admire him a while as he is about his monster business.

Suddenly, I hear a scream. This is a monster we're talking about, after all, and he only plays at being friendly. His is a dangerous business.

My cloak cannot hide the sound of my own voice when I wake up to find him crouching nearby.

He's hideous and flawed. He's paranoid and shouting. He's awkward and I never can sort him out. He never sleeps.

Plus, how did he get so big?

From now on, I vow, I will keep my toes safely tucked away...

Then again, that's why I turn invisible. Next time, just to be safe, I'll leave the light on.

Give me back my point of view.

I don't mind if you think but it's not always right to say. Don't like it or not, but, for the sake of us all, keep it to yourself.

Otherwise, I get edgy and resentful. And that's what got us here in the first place. Am I unable to communicate precisely without breaking my own rules?

But, I tried.

There's a story you don't know and every time you speak, you make a fool of you. What ever happened to the benefit of the doubt?

It's true some are kindly mean and some are kindly crazy but I wouldn't, couldn't, cater to both in One. I just listen until I hear a steady heartbeat and the least you can do is give credit for that.

Alas, I remember. You see a damage I don't. You nurse a wound I won't. With righteous anger in your eyes, you're on the prowl.

So I pat your back instead of my own. Only now, do I see stripes instead of spots?

You? You refuse to look back.