There's a fire inside of you that can't help but shine through.

I wear an invisibility cloak but only in the dark. In the dark, I hang one toe just over the edge of the bed. If the monster doesn't take the bait, I'm dissatisfied until I see him emerging.

He's just so great and so vibrant. He's confident and tosses cares like Sand from Man's shovel. Misgivings are kicked aside. He knows no fear.

I stand back and admire him a while as he is about his monster business.

Suddenly, I hear a scream. This is a monster we're talking about, after all, and he only plays at being friendly. His is a dangerous business.

My cloak cannot hide the sound of my own voice when I wake up to find him crouching nearby.

He's hideous and flawed. He's paranoid and shouting. He's awkward and I never can sort him out. He never sleeps.

Plus, how did he get so big?

From now on, I vow, I will keep my toes safely tucked away...

Then again, that's why I turn invisible. Next time, just to be safe, I'll leave the light on.