As a team of wild horses.

If I could write your story, I'd keep the beginning because you were perfectly crafted in my eyes. I'd run back to the place I found you and pay breathless homage to your shining crown for all my days and nights.

If I could write your story, I'd write you an extra long introduction so you'd always know who you were. I'd give you a breastplate to protect your fragility and steel toed boots for defense. I'd make you strong with character and sound of mind, wisdom replacing doubt. I could go on for pages if I could write your story.

Better yet, if I could write your story, I'd build you a fortress, reaching into the sun, guarded by an army of loyals. Rays of light would permeate each room and there would be joyous romping with friends galore. Banquet tables, overflowing with exotic meats and spices, would serve your guests because you can't know if you like something until you've tried it.

If I could write your story, I'd write clear through all the pain that's too much for a sensitive soul to bear and leave you with a fresh, clean slate.

I'd hang onto a few memories, just a tiny bit, so one of us would know where our sword should draw the lines.

If I could write your story, I'd write myself in every moment at your side and it'd never be too much or too little. Our speeches would be masterful and moving, fiery and ferocious. Our novels would inspire and compel. Heads together, we'd toast ourselves because we're just delightful until, suddenly, you'd declare the Time Has Come.

That's when you will know it's the exact right moment to pick up your own pen.