And I am feeling so small.

Like a buoyant raindrop, you sprung a yellow wildflower. I couldn't help but to smile to myself when the sun appeared. Little thriving wildflower.

Vibrancy fades and, for a season, you grew faint, blooming only under darkness. Sleeping beauty.

I searched until I found you but you were hard to see and stayed groggy all day and night.

There's no cure for the incurable so I went about the business of building my cocoon. I didn't want to hide but I just knew I needed the protection it provides.

All the while, I was certain you'd come for me and, while you were away, doubts brought a flood of emotions. It was deep and I almost drowned.

Gasping and choking, I found my way out and up again. There, along the bank and as far as the eye could see, fresh, wild flowers greeted me.