And if your way should falter.

I dropped a penny and, as if by magic, it rolled along on it's side and just to the edge of a fountain's ledge. I watched for a long time, waiting and wondering.

A little kid skipped, holding both arms out for balance around the fountain, precarious alongside my penny.

A cat appeared and began grooming himself in a sunny patch, his tail stretched just out of reach of my penny.

Pictures were taken.

Someone made a sketch of the fountain but I didn't think to ask if I could see it.

Mothers fussed over boys and girls fussed over babies.

A fat man sat. He was occupied by his family and never even noticed how my penny fell from the edge upon impact.

I saw how my penny disappeared into the water, camouflaging itself amongst all the others. Fearing the worst like I usually do, I briefly considered diving in after my penny but thought better of it when I realized how shallow the fountain was.

Chin in hands, I spent the afternoon thinking about my penny because the sun was blinding and I couldn't see. I missed my penny like you wouldn't believe. No matter how I tried I couldn't think my way back to the way it was. That'll teach me to go dropping things.

When it got dark so even the fountain was quiet, it finally occurred to me to get up and go home.