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You give it all but I want more.

Timidly, timidly, I approach. The door's been left ajar. I lie and say I like what you've done with the place but, when I say so, you are too distracted to hear me. My voice seems indistinguishable amongst the chatter so I step outside to listen.

It's no better there so I guess the better option is to go back into the big room with the new smells and bright lights, hoping to find my way.

I find a quiet place near the hearth and settle in with my books and blankets. I know how to hunker down, seeing how that's my specialty.

No one bothers to close the door and all the heat escapes. Cold winds make me shiver and then, to be honest, I just get angry.

The space we occupy slips away and there is only the two of us avoiding one another's glances.

The chill is making me sleepy.

With all the folks coming and going, I find myself reading the same words on the page over and again. How can I think with all this noise inside my head? You always make it okay because that'…

Not really sure how to feel about it.

Mr. Sugarman, who's a cat, makes his bed alongside my feet. I like it, at first, when he chooses me. After a while, I start to feel a tad bit uncomfortable because, maybe I'd like to roll over onto my side or, at least, uncross my feet. My slight discomfort quickly develops into entrapment as the realization dawns on me that I can only be comfortable by disturbing the sleep of Mr. Sugarman, who's most definitely a cat.

Don't get me wrong. I like him to be near me and I don't want him to jump off the end of my bed, insulted, like he often does. It's just that Mr. Sugarman, who's absolutely a cat, is easily discouraged and even the subtlest movements cause his flight or fight to react. He's a flyer not a fighter so I'll miss the pleasure of his company when he leaves to sulk on the piano bench in another room altogether. I only just want him to maybe make a teensy bit of room for me but what kind of monster does one have to be to intentionally mess u…