Not really sure how to feel about it.

Mr. Sugarman, who's a cat, makes his bed alongside my feet. I like it, at first, when he chooses me. After a while, I start to feel a tad bit uncomfortable because, maybe I'd like to roll over onto my side or, at least, uncross my feet. My slight discomfort quickly develops into entrapment as the realization dawns on me that I can only be comfortable by disturbing the sleep of Mr. Sugarman, who's most definitely a cat.

Don't get me wrong. I like him to be near me and I don't want him to jump off the end of my bed, insulted, like he often does. It's just that Mr. Sugarman, who's absolutely a cat, is easily discouraged and even the subtlest movements cause his flight or fight to react. He's a flyer not a fighter so I'll miss the pleasure of his company when he leaves to sulk on the piano bench in another room altogether. I only just want him to maybe make a teensy bit of room for me but what kind of monster does one have to be to intentionally mess up a cat's groove? I mean, he IS decidely a cat and, no matter how I will it, I can not change that fact.

Presently, I'm starting to wonder if there's any wiggle room at all down where my feet live. The situation is getting critical because I have to get up in 4 hours and I need my rest to take on the day ahead. But, Sugarman, who's undeniably a cat, seems oblivious to my plight.

Cats can be counted on to stay in their comfort zone because Comfort is where they thrive. It's just what one expects from a cat and they never fail to deliver.

With a dog, on the other hand, one never can tell. A dog might take off down the street when the gate's left ajar or steal a sandwich from a person's hands or pant nervously throughout a thunderstorm. A dog, who is certainly not a cat, is unpredictable, but, in my limited experience, doesn't hog the foot space and then act surprised by your need for comfort as you try to sleep in your own bed of an evening.

Like, say, Mr. Sugarman, who's unquestionably a cat.

This dilemma, I fear, hasn't a favorable outcome to be reached because Mr. Sugarman is positively a Cat and that's that.