I won't give up on us.

Today, you may dance too long until I am bewildered.
You may fly too close to the sun for my taste.
You may bob in and out of everyone's reality.
You may talk too much.

Today, I may sit so still as to leave you panicked.
Or I may leave the planet for a time.
I might grasp the edge of my seat and refuse to let go.
I may fall asleep.

Shall we sit daintily in the rose garden and enjoy a cup of tea as the cares remain in yesterday?

Meanwhile, you'll indulge yourself on theories.
I'll trade wisdom for wit.
You'll make the long block while I distract your thoughts.
Presently, I finally get back to laughing.

We'll revel and crow at the wonder of Us, soothing the pain of the time we lost.

Tomorrow, when the time comes to wake and face the world, united, 'tis all the sweeter for our time with the roses.