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Something is about to give.

I carry a heart that's not my own yet requires a steady flow of my own life's blood.

This one is vulnerable and timid. The weight of it makes me weepy. If I dare to peel back the layers, carefully, it sings a song to redeem itself and burdens begin to fly away. Each day brings more and more light from this, my heart of hearts. I just know, one day, it will burst open in my hot little hands and two hearts will find peace from yearning.

This heart is a balance of delicate strength. I keep a loose grasp until forever passes. Every time I let go, it comes back and that's fine with me.

This one heart has the courage of a royal. Maybe you believe there's no courage in majesty but it takes a racing heart to rise up and accept its mantle.

The heart of an outlaw,
A revolutionary,
A champion,
is resting on my steady and open palms.

If you've never let a heart stray, you can't really know how to hold on.