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Just a little place you can call your own.

Come join me under my umbrella. This one is wide and bright and opened all the way. We giggle at the puddles we step in and shake the rain from our stringy heads. There's sunshine and a rainbow with an end in sight so we take it all in stride.

Come join me under my umbrella. It's green and it's strong. I want to protect you so I make room for you to squeeze in. The ones in the back might feel a few drops but at least we're together. This is the place to gather when the thunder rolls.

Come join me under my umbrella. This one is a magic mushroom. It grows wild and cannot be contained. There's a stalk to rest your back if you need a little break and plenty of time to catch up. This storm might take a while so get cozy with your neighbor or (trust me when I say this) you're never gonna make it.

Come join me under my umbrella. It has some broken spokes but we keep pushing them back out and, so far, no one seems to mind. It might get a little crowded and the company …

Insisting that the world keeps turning our way.

I don't say so but I thrive in your words of encouragement. Validation, inspiration, confirmation. Your words fill the voids in me I never even knew existed.

I fail to find the words to say when we're sitting side by side in the sunshine so I resort to a quiet little nod. I don't know why I blink back tears. You know I'm often overwhelmed at the thought of Saying so let me grab my brush and try and paint you a picture with my words.

Because your words are bursting at the seams and grow more generous by the hour, mine want to shrink to invisibility. Like a dollar itching to get out of a pocket, your words spend freely and mine fear caution in the wind.

Even now, I search for fewer words so as not to presume.

Your words are a burning fire while mine hesitate to leave the security of hearth. My words, at times, are frustratingly timid when they need to be said aloud.

But, enough about me. What do I think about you?

Believe in you
Amazed at you
Never doubt you

That blooms every hour.

Even in a sea of faces, I'd recognize yours. Your eyes shine, dark but expectant, in spite of secrets. We connect briefly and I smile. I want so much to put you at ease.

I want you to know how lovely you are to me and how much I enjoy your company. What is more charming than an unassuming thoughtfulness?

Whisper your story and I'll cup my ear as your words trickle in. It's okay if you save some for later or even if you want to keep some to yourself. We both understand a gift is only free to one who receives.

You give me hope.

My hope for You, this very moment, begins to blossom. I reach out with my fingertips. I am deliberate as I call your name so you'll understand what I most want you to know:
I'm 100% on your side.