Just a little place you can call your own.

Come join me under my umbrella. This one is wide and bright and opened all the way. We giggle at the puddles we step in and shake the rain from our stringy heads. There's sunshine and a rainbow with an end in sight so we take it all in stride.

Come join me under my umbrella. It's green and it's strong. I want to protect you so I make room for you to squeeze in. The ones in the back might feel a few drops but at least we're together. This is the place to gather when the thunder rolls.

Come join me under my umbrella. This one is a magic mushroom. It grows wild and cannot be contained. There's a stalk to rest your back if you need a little break and plenty of time to catch up. This storm might take a while so get cozy with your neighbor or (trust me when I say this) you're never gonna make it.

Come join me under my umbrella. It has some broken spokes but we keep pushing them back out and, so far, no one seems to mind. It might get a little crowded and the company is often odd but it is warm and it's dry and never fails to keep the storm at bay.

Come join me under my umbrella. Technically, there's only room for 2 but we often have extras pop in. This one is blue, like me, and underneath here is my absolute favorite way to weather a storm. This kind of covering is hard to come by, especially in a rainy season. If you ask me, I'd say it's the coziest place of all, rain or shine.

On second thought, let's just keep that one between us.