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Clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do.

For some, it may mean pumpkin spiced treats with thick sugared icing. Or, perhaps, it means a festive holiday that includes ghastly ghosties and fake bloody cleavers in the side of perfectly-rational-the-rest-of-the-year heads. Or, maybe, it's an excuse to get a jump start on your Christmas obsession. But, it's not Thanksgiving, that's for sure. If we're being honest, most find a day of thankfulness slightly to moderately boring and are just in it for the mashed potatoes and pie.

Me? Believe me when I say my aim is true to the season. I have officially dubbed Autumn the metaphorical eve of Hat Season. It's the most wonderful time of the year when a hat can serve as both fashion statement and lazy hair grooming concealer. Later, the necessity of warmth becomes a factor but, for now, let us be honest.

Wake up late because you're not that good of a person? It's a hat day.

Prefer late night bathing due to a plethora of fall allergens that cling to hair and …

I see a ray of light.

When I see you smile, I'm satisfied not that I prompted you with my words but that a promise is delivered. If I never see you smile again, I'll still know my words rang true because of it.

When I see you smile, my heart can't help but leap. I get to open one door towards your future while the source of the strength you don't yet realize you possess holds your hand and walks beside you.

When I see you smile, I make a victory lap because that's one more way for you to know that you are not an honored guest but a blessed son of the house.

When I see you smile, I soar. To have you was the first joy I knew. To see you thrive is the sweetest.

I want it all for you and you for all with smiles all around.