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Make a dragon wanna retire

It's no secret how I hate you. Anyone can see that grey is not my favorite color. Bitter is not my favorite emotion. I can't hide inside my nakedness like your trees and be dormant until it's time for green again. Would that I could!  It's just that I think naked is overrated. For my kind, introspection is where it's at. When I can find the time I think about how my belly has more than just Christmas cookies in it. It holds a fire that cannot be contained. It's true I despise you but I won't let you take me this time. Because I'm hot to tame dragons and and fight bears. I admit sometimes I'm crawling. I read too much into your icy stares. Your grip is cold enough to stop me in my tracks. Walking full speed ahead with frozen feet is a challenge for anyone's resolve. Running? I'll think about it tomorrow. And the day after. Even still, through wind and rain, my face is turned from you. No, I declare. I won't let you in with your grey n…