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It just won't sing for you.

I wish you were okay but you're just not and I fear you never will be.

Maybe it was the dragon who scorched your innocence so long ago. Or maybe it was the big, scary bear who pawed your insides to death. Or it could be the deceivingly lovely flowers tinged with poisons.

Too often, I'm jolted from sleep with the thought of you. I wonder if you wonder and how you face it alone in the dark or is that what the flowers are for? The very scent of them is intoxicating when we desperately need the distraction. 

If I could have protected you, I would do anything to go back and find a way. Someone stole away with the part of you that scatters in the wind. I feel the loss deep in my soul and I can't find a way to let it go.

It seems unjust to hold accountable the victim.

Isn't justice still justice even if I'm the only one left on the face of the earth who thinks so?
I wish it was okay but it's just not.

Who knows what may lurking on the journey?

We took a sharp turn the night we learned just how black the skies can be. It was unexpected. Some places see that kind of darkness every day but not me, which explains why I'm the only one with bloody feet from the rocks I never saw until it was too late. I can't even remember why my feet were bare in the first place. I warned all in my care to be good and obey those I entrusted with their care. I just went for a short walk. I never imagined I would live to regret so much because, in those short hours, I inadvertently empowered a darkness exploiter. While I was away,  the night got so dark, the skies are stained forever. As the sun creeps out to shine again, it is too bright to bear and we all go inside. There, the light source is artificial but, at least, we can control it. There's more light to shed. For now, I'm mostly limping through the blackness, hoping to meet you again when day dawns.

In the mansions, bright and blessed.

The house you built is dimly lit in somber celebration. Inside, memories of You and Her await Us until we can find worthy moments to pause and reflect. The house you built is compassionate and kind. Generous and sweet. The house you built is steadfast and strong. Modest and unassuming. The house you built is more spirit, less sparkle. Quiet and introspective. "People live their lives, hon, but, at the end, it's the same for everyone: death." These are among your last words to me. Even as fear tried to take hold of me, I discerned you were trying to tell me so much more. I wish I could see you now, knowing and being fully known as a good and faithful servant. I wish I could see your joy in being made new. The house you built is a beacon of hope and guides all who see to Jesus. The house you built is our heritage of a life, faithful and true. And just so you know, we are all so grateful for the life you built for us.