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When Middles were Littles and Bigs were Babes

I keep seeing this meme on social media:

Although, I didn't know it when my Middles were Littles or Bigs were Babes, I desperately needed some moms farther along the path to trust me enough to share their mistakes or, even more scary, their children's bad choices. 
As the mother of kids from middle school to young adult now, I get why I didn't seem worthy of that trust. I was fresh and so were they. Our vision was as smooth and soft as our young skin. If I'm honest, I just figured you older moms hadn't read the right books or joined the right group. Otherwise, this whole parenthood thing was a matter of the the proper words and the best deeds and the worst part was the sheer exhaustion of keeping up. Frankly, your mess just seemed a clear cut lack of knowledge. 
I never even saw it coming my way. 

As I busied myself with the task before me of pouring out and drawing in, I was distracted by the details. Intentions were goodly but perspective was limited. How could …