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This much is true.

I remember you. You were born into a world of anxiousness and uncertainty, but, when you think about it, the same is true for us all.
I remember you. You stayed right by my side as long as you could until you found your sea legs and then it was off to adventure.
I remember you. You wore a plucky grin and clothed your spirit with unbridled fortitude.
I remember when you realized that this world wasn't quite measuring up. From that day on, slow motion is your chosen speed and words are choosier still. 
Folks think I don't even know but I know you. Somewhere along the way you gave up on you.
I remember you. You surrender yourself with a humility that is inconsistent with your words.
I remember you. Tough enough on the outside with a tendermost innermost. You can't fool me because I know what you're made of.
I remember you. That's how I can authoritively say
No rejection
No fear
No despair
No doubt
has any place on those shoulders of yours.
Folks think I don't k…

When I stand here taking every breath with you.

Snicket the Cat lived in the bushes when I first met him. He was dirty and stained and had gook in his eyes. I feared for him but he proved to be quite resilient. He is fearless and gamesome, never allowing anyone to get the best of him. Or, perhaps, he never lets anyone get TO the best of him. One never can tell and Snicket the Cat sure isn't sayin' so.

He won't even say what he's thinking and that doesn't seem fair at all now that I think of it.

If I allow him a jaunt out the window and onto the roof, he treats me to a good show, rushing the edge and back again. Sometimes, he finds a hiding place and I worry a little but he comes back into view so I sigh and smile with delight. He even knows how to find his way down and onto the ground. Impressive, huh?

I watch him bounding around after invisible prey from my kitchen window. He knows what he wants, even if I can't see it. He prowls and pounces because that's what cats do. I think he's adorable and his…

For people and things that went before. (Part 1)

They had nothing to say to each other so she turned slightly away from him. He was not even supposed to be there but, when the cost of doing business in his own world became too high, he found himself in sunny Florida.

She would rather not have shared this cab but the city was bright with traffic and she wanted to be home sooner than later. Comfort in the long term would have to make up for the awkward 30 minute ride with a stranger.

As the car made its way through the throngs and chaos of the bustling holiday weekend crowd, there was much to distract the passengers who politely watched outside of their respective windows. The sounds were hard to ignore and, had they even a casual acquaintance, they would have commented on the boisterous drunks or shrieking sorority girls accompanying them. There, in the warm beachy breeze, was a world of living.

Inside the cab, she set the tone. She just wanted to be done with this day and all it had entailed. The frustrations, the fears, the verg…