This much is true.

I remember you. You were born into a world of anxiousness and uncertainty, but, when you think about it, the same is true for us all.

I remember you. You stayed right by my side as long as you could until you found your sea legs and then it was off to adventure.

I remember you. You wore a plucky grin and clothed your spirit with unbridled fortitude.

I remember when you realized that this world wasn't quite measuring up. From that day on, slow motion is your chosen speed and words are choosier still. 

Folks think I don't even know but I know you. Somewhere along the way you gave up on you.

I remember you. You surrender yourself with a humility that is inconsistent with your words.

I remember you. Tough enough on the outside with a tendermost innermost. You can't fool me because I know what you're made of.

I remember you. That's how I can authoritively say
No rejection
No fear
No despair
No doubt
has any place on those shoulders of yours.

Folks think I don't know but I am the one watching helplessly as you drop off and out. It's true that the crevice you currently find yourself in has depth and complexity but, if anyone has the heart for it, it's a fierce-lovin', brilliantly-sensitive, straight-daring Rowdy Maker like you.

I remember you. In case no one else is saying so, you are not defined by any earthly being but a heavenly One, who has already made a way for you when you decide to get on the right path.

I remember you. You light up the room with your dimples and then no one is impervious to your charm.

I remember you. You make me weep with the searing beauty of the music you make.

I remember you. Your emotions have echoes that rip through my soul.

Folks think I don't know but I know this much is true:
You are never second best.

I remember you. Please let my words remind you that you cannot be replaced and your value is infinite.

Someday, I'll remember you as the You who did whatever it took to defeat Mistrust and Misgivings and climb out of the darkness and into the light of your convictions.


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