When I stand here taking every breath with you.

Snicket the Cat lived in the bushes when I first met him. He was dirty and stained and had gook in his eyes. I feared for him but he proved to be quite resilient. He is fearless and gamesome, never allowing anyone to get the best of him. Or, perhaps, he never lets anyone get TO the best of him. One never can tell and Snicket the Cat sure isn't sayin' so.

He won't even say what he's thinking and that doesn't seem fair at all now that I think of it.

If I allow him a jaunt out the window and onto the roof, he treats me to a good show, rushing the edge and back again. Sometimes, he finds a hiding place and I worry a little but he comes back into view so I sigh and smile with delight. He even knows how to find his way down and onto the ground. Impressive, huh?

I watch him bounding around after invisible prey from my kitchen window. He knows what he wants, even if I can't see it. He prowls and pounces because that's what cats do. I think he's adorable and his innocence is my joy until he finds a garden snake and kills it for sport. That's not my favorite at all.

Snicket would make a great jungle cat but he only has my back yard and that doesn't seem fair at all now that I think of it.

Once, when he was a little thing, he skizzled right up a tree and down again, faster than he could think of the danger in which he'd placed himself. This continued for several days until the day he got trapped at the top and no amount of coaxing would bring him down. In the end, he had to be rescued but that didn't stop him from finding new and daring ways to be himself immediately upon being released.

Snicket the Cat is pure white but his tail doesn't match. It's grey with melancholy but striped with white hot adventure. Sometimes, it's hidden altogether and you'd never know. But, I do because I have taken care to study him as if he were my own little kitten.

Snicket the Cat doesn't remember how I rescued him with my love and that doesn't seem fair at all now that I think of it.

I remember him as a tiny babe. He didn't fuss much and was most agreeable and always adorable. If he was ill, you'd never know until you realized he sure was sleepy for a kitten. His face is handsome in a kitteny way and his charm is undeniable. He doesn't talk much but he gets what he wants anyway. And, that's not all.

He has many highly developed skills for a Snicket. He beats up all the bugs and tears up all the paper as well as stirring up some trouble with various other pets. He successfully overtakes dog beds for himself. None even want to nap next to him because there's a good chance he will awake refreshed in such a way that results in gnawing and clawing. He stretches his little body the full width of the bed so as to create a cat-sized amount of space between the human occupants therein. We hesitate to remove him because we're reluctant to disturb his peace.

That makes two cozy beds for Snicket the Cat but that doesn't seem fair at all now that I think of it.

Snicket the Cat is just that and it's hard to tame cats. As a matter of fact, I'd say it's impossible to tame  a Snicket. That's the beauty and tragedy of owning a Snicket.

Sometimes I cry a little inside when he leaves me. I want to hold him and stroke his chin and hear his purring and know that my love makes him do it. I want him to choose me. Instead, he struggles out of my arms or, even worse, waits patiently for me to let go, and leaves me for a lonely bench or even a cold hearth. I try not to take it personally but I'm only human after all and not a cat.

Snicket is free and easy but that doesn't seem fair at all now that I think of it.

What he doesn't know is there's hawk circling over our street and that means he could be in danger unless he stays inside with me. But, how can he know about hawks and danger when he is so good at chasing leaves? In the end, I relent and let him out with the big dogs in the back yard and that'll have to do for security because Snicket demands his freedom.

I'm most definitely not a cat at all even when I really wish I could be and that doesn't seem fair at all now that I think of it.