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Point me toward tomorrow.

When Kya comes, I'm gonna get her a swing and a slide even if she only uses it once. When Kya comes, I'm gonna drop everything and pull out all the books I've been saving for her. When Kya comes, I'm gonna stay up late but get up early so I don't miss a thing.  When Kya comes, I'm gonna put the extra soft, minty green bibb on her plus all that other Kya stuff I find in my basket at Marshall's and Target and even Kroger (plus the mall and Kohl's). When Kya comes, I'm gonna try and behave myself and do like her mommy says so she'll trust me and know that I'm good for it. But, when Kya comes, it's gonna be extra hard to say no when anything is possiblewhen Kya comes. When Kya comes, I'm gonna remember how her daddy changed me forever.When I was frightened near to death but charged full force away from girlhood, changing in an instant into a women on a mission. When Kya comes, I'm gonna get my Restoration and Refreshing and Recovery …

NTGOAP...Til there was You.

Your feathers appear delicately beautiful and mysterious but their might is awesomely powerful and strong. From a distance, I can’t even imagine the shelter they provide. I let the space between us overwhelm me. I choose instead to take cover in my own regret. 
Grief wants to bind me and shame is my cloak. In the shadow of my own faithless sin, I cannot even lift my eyes. Discouragement whispers and I believe his lies.
Each morning, I have a new mercy but, as it’s falling from the sky, I let it drift just out of my reach. Heaviness lies to me. “You’ll never find it. It’s too late.” Even in sleep, I am exhausted, bound and seemingly broken. That is, until I hear Your sweet song calling my name.
Lift up your head, child of God. Lift up your head. 
You call.  It’s then I remember I love you. I remember I’m Yours. I remember that’s all that I have to remember.
I stand.  It’s then that I have the strength to throw off all that so easily entangles me. This is not for me. 
I reach up. It’s then that…

NTGOAP: A New Hope.

• It may be that we may have watched one too many episodes of Project Runway.

• We are no longer able to communicate without quoting Tim Gunn, Michael Kors or Heidi Klum.

• It may be that we have eaten one (dozen or so) too many treats.

• Some of us have rapidly shrinking clothes.

• It may be that one or more of us have developed a slight case of agoraphobia.

• At least, if there's such a thing as agoraphobia defined as having to put on real clothes before going out in public spaces.

• It may just be that we have become emotionally dependent on Coziness itself.

• And, that was before it got cold.

• It may be that 2015 was not the best of years and ending with comfort and safety of home was the only way to ride it out.

• Goodbye, 2015. You had your fun.

• It may be that tomorrow is a brand, new day with a brand, new hope.

• (That's not a Star Wars reference.) (I tricked you.)

• It may be that I must get back to life because I keep thinking of the little grand baby girl growing …