NTGOAP: A New Hope.

• It may be that we may have watched one too many episodes of Project Runway.

• We are no longer able to communicate without quoting Tim Gunn, Michael Kors or Heidi Klum.

• It may be that we have eaten one (dozen or so) too many treats.

• Some of us have rapidly shrinking clothes.

• It may be that one or more of us have developed a slight case of agoraphobia.

• At least, if there's such a thing as agoraphobia defined as having to put on real clothes before going out in public spaces.

• It may just be that we have become emotionally dependent on Coziness itself.

• And, that was before it got cold.

• It may be that 2015 was not the best of years and ending with comfort and safety of home was the only way to ride it out.

• Goodbye, 2015. You had your fun.

• It may be that tomorrow is a brand, new day with a brand, new hope.

• (That's not a Star Wars reference.) (I tricked you.)

• It may be that I must get back to life because I keep thinking of the little grand baby girl growing inside of her mommy and all that means to me.

• A new year brings new life. Literally.

• It may be my only motivation for pushing forward, at this point, is what the future holds and what more can we expect than a hopeful future?

• That's reason enough to usher in another New Year with JOY.