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Speak what is true.

You drift in and out of days as they turn into agonizing nights and those are the worst of all. When your deepest, darkest fears rest on your lonely pillow and your heart races to be free, you are desperate for one word of Truth.
Your Usual includes casual calls and texts in the wee, small hours because that's when your people are living and loving. Just Another Truth includes the usual desperate prayer of a mother and your usual fitful sleep.
True to the truth that you don't have the energy to fully embrace, you make it work regardless because you Have To when you are the one who sees to the rest.
It's true. Sisters of the world unite. And most silently nod in painfully honest empathy. Truth be told, the Faithless You is not the truth you want to face.
So,  you hold desperately to any flash of light you see and hoard it greedily until the sun bothers to peek through the fears, imagined and true, camping out in your mind.
People should just do right and stay safely by your si…