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And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end.

My team has what we call special needs.My team has invisible wounds but that won't ruin our game.My team is full of cleft palates, bowed legs and fat kids.My team's focus is more how we can play the game than always seeing the win.We have a couple of real players but we're are all Slow and Steady instead of Fastball.My team has characters with character.If your team doesn't appreciate that, then, I implore you, who is the real loser?My team has emotional wounds.My team is full of lovers that fight AND fighters that love. My team co-opts sports metaphors because we have little physical intelligence. My team cares more about assessments than scores because we aren't in it to win it. It's already been won, the Victor is risen and who can compete with perfection? Not that good of a person and that goes for anyone who bothers with introspection.