NTGOAP: It's not me; It's you.

• Sometimes, I have a tiny breakdown that results in a tiny tantrum of a Tuesday afternoon while shopping for a new swimsuit on account of the Self-Loathing.

• I just hate that about myself.

• I don't know why I am this way but I don't take it to the God of heaven and earth who created me because I fear what He'll need to do to sort me out properly.

• Because I remember that time I prayed for patience.

• I know I'm not the only one with this tragic flaw that basically amounts to vanity and that's the only reason why I mention it.

• If you are the sort who is awesomely confident and cool with all the Thises and the Thats when confronted with a fitting room mirror, then I'm not really talking to you.

• This is for the rest of us Crazies who can't stop lying to ourselves about the reality of the situation at hand.

• If you are one of those kinda Crazies and admitted your problem to me, I'd give you excellent advice.

• That I would most certainly not apply to myself.

• On account of being Not That Good Of A Person.

• If you and I were to take it to our Heavenly Father who adores us, He'd probably say something like:

"Beautiful Daughter, you have worth because I made you, wonderfully, and, like you adore your own children, I look at you and smile with delight."

• Or He might say something about not being conformed to the standards of the world because you have FREEDOM from earthy prides and fears.

• Or about how blessed are the meek and pure.

• Or how He isn't concerned, even a tiny bit, with outward appearance on account of not looking at the things that people look at.

• The Lord of All has His hands full looking at hearts and all.

• It's a pity to waste that sort of wisdom with the tantrums and breakdowns and such.

• Sometimes, I remember it's a good thing He's so good at lording because I'm not that good at all.

• As it turns out.