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'There is no reason and the truth is plain to see.'

Your color is scarlett and I don't like you. You make me uncomfortable and all nervy. You are the coarse skin of a rash and a sore throat. You are the blood on the terrifying teeth of a shark. You are a lake of fire. But, when tempered a little with Blue or Yellow, I paint you on my walls. Your color is Navy to the point of blackness because you dig too deep into my soul. You are the dent in the door of my car and the business suit of a politician. You are dull and lifeless. You are what the blood in my veins looks like from out here. But, I keep finding variations of you in my closet. Your color is Jaundice and makes me need to purge. You are the squinting sun and the scorching heat. You are a sign of caution.  You are the smell of fear. But, my earliest memories include you on my mother's kitchen walls, shading sunflowers. Your color is unlike any other so I can't even describe you, except to say that I can do without it altogether. You are not a color I would…

I'll often stop and think about them (Part 2)

Immediately upon entering home, the anxious day began to melt away. She was so happy to be alone. The solitude was a relief. Unbearable chitchat and polite conversation aside, she took a deep breath and let it all go.
He, on the other hand, was on the prowl. He required a connection and might take any offered. But, no, that’s what got him in trouble in the first place. He would have a meal, a beer, and possibly call an old friend. Loneliness would not set in and waste the joy he felt in this moment.
She wandered the apartment, tidying and keeping it just so. Cozy and clean, she might take on a project or maybe just watch Netflix. There’s a documentary or two waiting in the queue. More than likely, she’d find something mindlessly emotional to distract herself. She couldn’t find her good socks and, even by the fire, her feet felt chilled.
He couldn’t think of what he wanted. Or, rather, he couldn’t have it. Everything was closed. It felt like so long since he’d been able to eat to his hear…

In my life, I love you more. (Part 3)

Last night, she waved goodbye. He wasn't necessarily glad to see her go but maybe a little relieved. She was too excited to notice one way or the other.
This was her moment. She was sure it would last. So many times, she'd been close enough to see it but only now could she have a real taste. And, it was a scary, too. Still, she would face it all alone.
He let her go easily. He didn't have the energy to think about all he didn't know. The days were too long and his worries too complex. This was not his and he couldn't make it so.

So, he didn't fight for her. He just sent her off with his blessing. He would stay behind and uphold his burdens until they found a place to rest. 
She thought of him, even in the most intense moments. She couldn't help it. She never wondered did he think of her. She knew he was the safest place of all.
She wasn't without fears, and certainly not without regret, but she had learned how to put those in a drawer and close it tight. …