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You built me palaces out of paragraphs.

You're so sure I don't hear your words. Maybe you think there's too much weary history for me to contend with New & Fun. You hear told of the time before yours and sometimes you feel alone. Maybe you've even wondered if I'm still up to the challenge.
You assume too much, Love Child, because yours are the words I've been waiting for all my life.
So many words.
My time before you taught me to talk less and hear more but I sift through ALL your words and listen for your heart.
Without your words, how could I know that you sometimes say what you don't mean just because you feel too much to articulate?
Without your words, how could I know that you are unsure and insecure about who you might become?
How could I know, were I not listening, that you often hold back because you think it's not quite your time?
Without your words, how could I know how much you root for the underdog with a righteous anger?
Without your words, how could I know that you often …

The moment you've been waiting for.

I know you are disappointed by your own humanity. I know you take it personally when you find yourself battered by a storm. Nevertheless, you do not respond in kind when it mistakes you for a weaker vessel. Of all the choices you could make, you take the time to choose courage and kindness and look to Jesus. That's how I KNOW.
A golden crown reveals a genuine heart, in which greatness lies.

You kiss the palm of my hand and I remember...
sweet baby mornings,  just me and you in a green glider, when you let me sing to you. one day you crawled out of my arms and into a merry sprint but I couldn't be even mad about it. I chased you down. You laughed like you knew something I didn't.
a late night when you were the lone Rowdy Maker who was wide awake in a house full. A white t shirt swallowed you up as we lifted you into the window of the book shelf my granddad built when you should've gone back to bed. You dimple-grinned and all was lost because we were charmed and delig…