The moment you've been waiting for.

I know you are disappointed by your own humanity. I know you take it personally when you find yourself battered by a storm. Nevertheless, you do not respond in kind when it mistakes you for a weaker vessel. Of all the choices you could make, you take the time to choose courage and kindness and look to Jesus.
That's how I KNOW.

A golden crown reveals a genuine heart, in which greatness lies.

You kiss the palm of my hand and I remember...

sweet baby mornings,  just me and you in a green glider, when you let me sing to you.
one day you crawled out of my arms and into a merry sprint but I couldn't be even mad about it. I chased you down. You laughed like you knew something I didn't.

a late night when you were the lone Rowdy Maker who was wide awake in a house full. A white t shirt swallowed you up as we lifted you into the window of the book shelf my granddad built when you should've gone back to bed. You dimple-grinned and all was lost because we were charmed and delighted.

early mornings when you made a beeline to your baby sister's room to build with her and her pink Legos. I come to get you on task because it's that time. When I see your determined heads down, side by side, and hear two sets of little people hands shuffling through a bin of hard plastic toys, I abandoned my mission instantly. I see you have already set out on one of your own.

that time you said "I don't know if I'm really going to heaven" and I got to be the one.

that time you ask how babies were made and I got to be the one.

that time I got to prove to you just how valuable you are when middle school sucks.

If I could fix all the things, I would run ahead of you but then you'd miss your shot. Just know I am forever the wind at your back.

3rd in line but NEVER the least.
Only a fool would miss the Joy of You.

And, I am sorry I got rid of all those beanie babies. I was worried for your allergies but, still, I'm sorry.

While it's true, you often made me weary, I secretly admire how you chart your own course. How you have the keen ability to cleverly sift through the nonsensical. How you rise to your own challenges.

Trepidation never had a chance with you, boy.

On this day, in which a hearty tree has finally come to fruition, I see in you the man you will be and my heart is blooming at the sight.

I'm still holding tightly your kiss in my fist. 
For safe-keeping.